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The role of fiber in its ability to lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol has been well established. This effect has been documented even in patients already on a standard cholesterol-lowering diet. There is considerable support in the literature for addition of fiber in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

The role of dietary fiber in colon and breast cancer is slightly less clear. There are many studies that suggest that increase in stool bulk secondary to increases in fiber in the diet are associated with decreases in incidence of colon polyps, colon cancer and breast cancer, though there is one study that argues against this in colon polyps, a cancer precursor. There are also studies that suggest that there is a protective effect of phytic acid, possibly as well as flavenoids and lignans, high levels of which are found in wheat bran. It is thought that phytic acid changes the bacterial enzymes present in stool in a protective way, independent of stool bulk. It should be noted that multiple studies also emphasize the importance of low saturated fat and exercise in the prevention of cancer.


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